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about yanadi caste


Yanadis are one of the major scheduled tribes of Andhra Pradesh. Thurston (1909) noted that the people were natives of Sriharikota Island and suggested that they derived their name from the Sanskrit word “anadi” denoting those whose origin is unknown. Now they are predominantly spread over the districts of Nellore, Chittoor Guntur, Krishna, Kadapa and Prakasham. Yanadis live in symbiosis with non-tribals.

Their population according to 2001 census reports is 4, 62,167 in Andhra Pradesh. The total literacy rate among Yanadi is 35.35 as per 2001 census. Their mother tongue is Telugu.

Yanadis are broadly divided into four endogamous groups on the basis of occupations and dietary habits. The sub divisions are:

1. Manchi Yanadi or Reddi Yanadi (Cultivators and servants)

2. Adavi Yanadi (those living in forests)

3. Paki Yanadi (Scavengers) and

4. Chella Yanadi (those who collect left out food from leaf plates in the dust bins).

The Chella Yanadis and Paki Yanadis are considered to be unclean and low among Yanadis. Each division of the Yanadi is further divided into a number of patrilineal exogamous groups representing their lineage names (intiperlu).

Marriage by negotiation, by mutual love and elopement are usual modes of acquiring mates. The re-marriage of divorcees, widows and widowers is permitted. The nuclear type of family is more predominant.

They propitiate some village deities like “Poleramma,” “Chenchamma”, “Mahalakshmamma” etc. In addition to these, they worship Hindu Gods and Goddesses like “Venkateswara”, “Vinayaka” and “Rama”. They celebrate Hindu festivals such as “Sankranthi”, “Ugadi”, “Dasara” etc., and worship their deities.

Each Yanadi habitat invariably consists of traditional village council (Kula Panchayat) for settling the disputes like adultery, theft, land disputes etc. The hold of traditional council is still stronger. Generally, the culprits are admonished by way of imposing simple fines followed by feast.

Yanadis are non-vegetarians and eat the meat of rabbit, fowl, goat, sheep fish etc, but abstain from eating beef. Yanadis mainly subsist on agricultural labour. They are traditionally inland fishermen and are also engaged as watchmen in the fields and orchards of farmers. Collection of firewood, rickshawpulling, rodents catching etc., constitutes secondary occupation of the Yanadis.

With a view to settle these poverty-stricken Yanadis, land colonization schemes were started during the British period and continued after the Post Independence period for the rehabilitation of Yanadis. The State Government has also introduced land assignment schemes to provide land for cultivation to the landless Yanadis. Besides, the development schemes under the sectors like education housing, women and child development, medical, health and nutrition, roads etc are also under implementation for the benefit of the Yanadis.

The expected results could not be achieved despite all the above developmental efforts for the Yanadis. Therefore, a decision has been taken by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on 09-09-1997 to establish a separate ITDA for Yanadis inhabiting Nellore, Chittoor and Prakasham districts.

A Yanadi Development plan has been prepared for the development of Yanadis inhabiting 3722 villages in 166 mandals on Nellore, Chittoor and Prakasham districts.

The Government vide G.O.Ms.No. 136, Social Welfare (TW.Bud.2) Department dated 19-12-2001 issued orders for establishing ITDA for Yanadis. The headquarters of ITDA is located at Nellore town in Nellore district.

The Project is headed by a Project Officer assisted by Development Officer and other supporting staff to implement various developmental programmes.

                             Where are we now? - సమాజంలో మన స్థానంఏమిటి?

We are up to stand in society with respect, education and power. Few of us are well educated, well respected in the society; travelled abroad; joined in good position in government and private jobs; self employed.

Employment: Most of the Yanadis are working in banks and teaching field. For the past 10 years the trend turned towards engineers and doctors. Very few are in central government employee list.

Education: Our people are studying in good colleges like IIT, etc. We should be proud to say that people are interested in going to schools, colleges and aim to get jobs in good companies. Mainly they are targeting Information Technology and engineering side. Recently couple of engineering students got into campus recruitment.

Housing: At least some people are living government built small houses in villages nearby towns. Few are in a position to afford to build their own houses.
Can we do something? - మనం ఏమైనా చెయ్యగలమా?
There are so many things we can do to improve our community. Very first thing is please do not be scared to say that you are yanadi. Some of us may feel bad to say that we are yanadis. Why? Have they done something wrong? Be proud what you are. Help others! But never harm others!! Generate awareness in the people who live in villages. Tell them about government facilities for our community. For example, residential schools for tribal children, etc. If someone in our community is searching for employment try to help by giving correct information and right direction. If you do not know what they are up to, try to send them to the right person. There are people who in need of information of about schools, hostels, hospitals, communications, etc; please do help them. Financial help is up to individuals. We must always encourage and appreciate if someone is helping others and try to give them a hand.
చాలామంది యానాదులు ఇప్పటికీ చీకట్లోనే వున్నారు
మీకు ఏమాత్రం అవకాశం వున్నా దయచేసి వారిని అంధకారంనుంచి
వెలుగులోకి తీసుకురావడానికి ప్రయత్నం చేయండి

Yanadi tribe receive rights to access natural resources


22 Yanadi Fisheries Cooperatives registered and 172 Yanadis received 274 acres of Forest land in Nellore

The Yanadis are presumed to be pre-dravidian tribe who are found mostly in SPS Nellore and Chittoor districts in the state of Andhra Pradesh, and in some pockets in neighbouring districts. They are divided into two groups: the Manchi Yanadi, who belong to the small superior class; and the Challa Yanadi.

The Government enlisted them in the Scheduled Tribes category. Their main occupation is fishing and hunting and often they indulge into domestic work like cleaning which is considered a menial job; some among them still lead a semi-nomadic existence.

According to an local level study initiative (conducted by ARD), 1,27,000 acres of land assigned to landless Yanadis was encroached upon in SPS Nellore District by the local land mafia, most of whom belong to the feudal Reddy community. 

Howerver, for Yanadis, the most marginalised tribal community in the state of Andhra Pradesh, 9th of June provided an occasion to celebrate a prolonged and sustained initiative of theirs' bear fruit,  finally! Our partner in the region, ARD have a very crucial role to play in this significant achievement of the tribal population.  

Yanadis could soon get rights to access over 55 tanks spread in 15000 acres of land, in seven blocks of Nellore district which were under the occupation of the non tribal population so far.

On 9th June, 2013, twenty two registration certificates, which are valid for five years were distributed in the presence of the District Collector, Joint Director - Fisheries Department, and the Sub Collector, Gudur, where around 2500 Yanadis have gathered to participate in this landmark event.

More than 1200 families from the Yanadi tribe from now on will have access to the rich resource of fish in tanks,


The District Collector, Mr. Sridhar, also metioned that under the scheme “Indiramma Pacha toranam”, nearly 8,000 acres of Government land for horticulture plantation have been identified and the same will be given to Yanadis for five years on lease wherein they will have the rights on the plants and products only. He also announced that nets and bicycles will be provided to the 1236 members of fisheries cooperatives to travel from village to tanks under ITDA(Integrated Tribal Development Authority). 

Most of the natural resources in the region were till now in control of the privileged community and Yanadis, were working as a bonded labour in their fields, Brick Kilns and Domestic work. With active work of ARD, our partner organisation in Nellore, 426 bonded labours were released last year. The yanadis got organised under thirty three cooperatives, with the support of ARD, the partner in Gudur of Nellore district. 

During the current year, with the support of district administration, the local partner organisation identified tanks, small water bodies which are under control of the privileged Reddy community and worked towards restoring the rights of fishing to Yanadis.  Since fishing happens to be the prime occupation of the Yanadi tribes, the district administration took note o the same and immediately took required action. Apart from this, nearly 2000 acres of forest land in Gudur Division was identified which has been cultivated by Yanadi tribes for decades. With active involvement of Sub Collector, Gudur 274 acres of forest land were distributed to 172 members. 


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madi j. seshareddy vignanakendram. nenu aatrustku trusteeni. all casts, districts, famous news, imp persons history collect chedamaundi. anduku meeku abyantharam lekapothe mee history maaku pampavachu. naa no: 9490098860

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